Recover Conditioner Travel Size

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Healium's 1 universal conditioner, now available in a TSA approved TRAVEL SIZE! This awesome silicone bottle is absolutely refillable & reusable, making this an eco friendly option! 

The go to moisturizing conditioner. Engineered to replenish hairs nutritional needs, only where its needed.  Recover the more natural way to condition. Help increase body & enhance the hairs look & feel during the blow out.

Formulated with sunscreen for additional color protection.

Cheaper conditioners will give you a result at the sink (slip)

SLIP IS NOT MOISTURE.                         

Slip is silicone action.
more slip= more silicones
more silicones=more build up

Formulated with React Technology, moisture, hydration & nutrition are delivered where it's needed and rinses off where it is not, leaving no residue or build up.  Refer to website for additional product and usage information.

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Travel size

Packaging too large for travel. Should be half the size